Frequently Asked Questions

When will the game be released?

Legends of Equestria begins its Open Access Release on August 19, 2017. You can find out more here.

What races will be playable in the game?

You will be able to play as an earth pony, a unicorn, or a pegasus.

Will the game be free to play?

The game will be free to play forever, with no premium access or downloadable content. Once you download the game, you get to play the whole thing.

Will I be able to customize my own pony?

Yes. Characters will have many customizable features, such as mane and tail styles and colors, race, gender, color, eye color, accessories, and cutie marks.

Can I upload my own cutie mark?

No. The sheer amount of moderation that would be required would be too exhaustive in order to keep cutie marks acceptable for everyone, so you cannot upload custom cutie marks.

Does that mean I don't get to earn my cutie mark?

Players will begin the game as fillies and colts, and earn a specific type of cutie mark, which they will then be able to customize before transitioning into adulthood.

So what types of cutie marks will be in the game?

We do not wish to disclose the full list at this time, but just know that it is very comprehensive.

Can I have a pet?


What kinds of accessories will be in the game?

Legends of Equestria will feature a large selection of accessories, including many varieties of hats, socks, shoes, jewelry, saddles, armor, and much more.

What steps are being taken to ensure that the game is appropriate for children?

We will have an extensive word filter within the game, along with a dedicated team of skilled moderators constantly keeping guard to ensure that all parts of our game maintain a child-friendly atmosphere.

Will there be combat in the game?

There will be a combat system, but it will not contain any gratuitous violence which would make it inappropriate for minors.

What kinds of weapons will be in the game?

This will be announced more in-depth at a later date. We can, however, confirm the presence of apples, cakes, pies, and horseshoes as weaponry.

Will the game feature voice chat?

The load on the servers would be too high. If you want to use voice chat, we recommend using a VOIP program such as Skype, Ventrilo, Teamspeak, etc.

What can I do to help this project?

Word-of-mouth is very important, and we also encourage our users to plaster links to our website all over the rest of the internet in a giant viral marketing campaign that will spread our influence as far as possible.

Will the game feature voice-acting?

We have many voice actors on staff. We are pushing as hard as we can to have as many characters voiced as possible. However, sound files can add up quickly, and could possibly be a limiter to what we are able to voice, so we do not wish to guarantee full voice-acting at this time.

What game engine are you using?

We use Unity 3D, an excellent engine for independent game development. If you're interested in developing your own games for pony or non-pony related purposes, we recommend you go try it out, as it has a free version.

How much are you willing to disclose about the storyline?

Our writers are working hard to put together a story that will emphasize every element we are implementing into the game, and it is coming along very nicely. It will feature a colorful cast of characters that are far more developed than those in a typical MMO.

Can I have my own house?

No, you can't have your own house.

How do I join the team?

At this stage in development, we are not accepting applications on an individual basis, unless otherwise specified. If we are recruiting any further help, we will notify the public via this site. On occasion, we have been known to seek out specific individuals. Otherwise, any requests to join the team will be promptly ignored.