Here are the download links for the game client! Make sure to pick the right download for your operating system.

Direct Downloads

We've had some changes to our Windows launcher, so even if you downloaded it during the last Open Server Event, you'll need to download it again.

Launcher (Windows only) Latest update: 2017-09-09

If you're not on a Windows device, or prefer a direct download, we've got you covered!

The downloads come as an archived file; if you don't know how to unzip an archive, try following this guide!

Windows x32 Latest update: v2018.03.02
Windows x64 Latest update: v2018.03.02
macOS Latest update: v2018.03.02
Linux Latest update: v2018.03.02

Please Note: Your browser might inform you that the file is malicious! Don't worry though, it's still safe!

How to unblock a download on Chrome
If you are using Google Chrome, it may try to block the download because Google Chrome is silly. To skip the filter, hit Ctrl-J to open your downloads window and click "Recover Malicious File"


Remember, character data and items collected in previous events won't carry over to the Open Access Release.

That's it, thanks again for all of your support, and we'll see you in Equestria!