Welcome to Legends of Equestria, a free-to-play MMORPG, available to play right now in Open Access!

Our in-development game is full of adventures, magic, and small horses. You will be able to fly, dance, play with pets, and more with friends or by yourself. There's even a whole community of friends over at our forums!

We are an ongoing project! We are always looking for talented new volunteers to help us out. If you feel like you're ready, feel free to send us your application.

Currently Hiring:

2D Art:

-Texture & Concept Artists

3D Modeling


-SFX Designers


-Level Designers

-VFX Artists

-Systems Designers


-Script Implementers

-Unity Implementers


Descriptions of the above jobs, and additional hiring information and recruitment status can be read here.

The following departments are currently not hiring: Animation, HR, Moderation, PR, Voice Acting, Web Dev, and Writing.

If you don't receive a response to your application within two weeks, please contact us on our support email.


Servers Now Closed!

Apr 10
Hello, everypony!

The Open Server Event is almost upon us now over!

We hope you all enjoyed playing our game! We all had a lot of fun and learned a lot from you that will come in useful for future updates!

Thanks again for all your support everyone!


Legends of Equestria at BABSCon 2015 & Open Server Announcement!

Mar 29
BABSCon is coming up in April! For those of you going, we wish you a safe travel and a happy time down at the convention. If you haven't heard yet, we'll be making our way down there as well! You'll be able to meet and talk with the ponies who help make the game possible and prod them with thousands of questions.

If you're not joining us at BABSCon, fear not; you'll be able to enjoy our panel through the magic of the internet, where we'll be discussing all sorts of cool stuff about the game and perhaps leak some cool secrets!

Err, I mean, what secrets? We don't have any secrets!
Legends of Equestria does not comment on rumors and speculations relating to the game.

Mmm, yes, quite. Anyway, the panel happens at 1:30 PM PDT on Friday April 3rd so we hope to see everypony there!

After the convention, we hope you'll still have some room left for more fun! We're happy to announce that we'll be having another Open Server Event on April 10-12! It will be a chance to try out some cool new features we've been working on in the game, as well as experience all the content we've offered in the past. Just in case you missed any of it! We'll be providing more information, and the download links, closer to the event, so stay tuned!

April is going to be an exciting month for Legends of Equestria and we hope to see you all join us for the fun!

Now if you excuse me, I need to get ready to meet up with Golden Gates!
Hmm... Now where is my airship ticket...


The servers are now closed!

Feb 22

Hello everypony!

The Open Server Event has finished and the servers are now closed. Thanks everyone who played the game this weekend. We hope you all enjoyed your time in Equestria! We look forward to the next Open Server event where we hope to add even more content to the game! Please, feel free to send us your feedback on the game such as things that can be fixed or even suggestions for content to add at [email protected]. We really enjoy reading your suggestions to improve the game!

Until next time, see you later!


February's OSE Client now available to download!

Feb 20
Hello everypony!!

The Open Server Event is almost upon us! Servers open up at 12:01 AM EST on Friday January 20th (i.e. tomorrow, in roughly three hours). We hope you're as excited as we are! To get you ready for the Open Server Event, here are the download links for the game client. Go ahead and pick the download that corresponds to your machine's operating system and you'll be set to enter Equestria first thing tomorrow! Just know that the game won't let you log in until our game servers open up. Got that? Okay!

Windows (x86 / 32-bit): Removed, see you next time! Updated
Windows (x64 / 64-bit): Removed, see you next time! Updated
Mac OS X: Removed, see you next time! Updated
Linux: Removed, see you next time! Updated

Please Note: Your browser might inform you that the file is malicious! Don't worry though, it's still safe!

How to unblock a download on Chrome
If you are using Google Chrome, it may try to block the download because Google Chrome is silly. To skip the filter, hit Ctrl-J to open your downloads window and click "Recover Malicious File"

Take note that with each Open Server event, we enable new fixes and features. Therefore, we have to wipe game data on our servers with each update. Character data and items collected from previous Open Server events will NOT carry over.

Thanks again for all your support everyone! Next stop, Equestria!


Open Server Test February 20-21!

Feb 16

Hello everyone!!

The most recent Open Server Weekend suffered from connection issues and room crashes. Despite the problems, we managed to set a new record for the most players on simultaneously; but we know that it wasn't the ideal experience we had hoped for, and that a lot of you still didn't get a chance to experience the game. Plus, these events are our opportunity to make sure everything in the game's working as intended.

To give you a bit more insight, one of the major issues we had to deal with involved a DDoS attack on our servers. What is a DDoS attack you might ask? Well, check out this cool link I stumbled upon while pondering that same question myself: http://www.digitalattackmap.com/understanding-ddos/. What follows are screenshots of the traffic we received during the DDoS attack.


Those inbound numbers would look really cool if this was an internet speed test. Unfortunately, that's not the case here. Those high inbound numbers mean too many fake connections were trying to reach our servers keeping out real connections (i.e. actual players) from enjoying the game. Not very fun if you ask me. We're constantly working behind the scenes addressing problems as they come up. However, we know that still doesn't change the fact that many players were left out from enjoying the last Open Server Weekend.

Therefore, to make up for those that were unable to play last Open Server Weekend, and to give us another chance to test our systems and some new fixes, we'd like to give everyone another opportunity to explore Equestria. That's why we'll be holding another Open Server Test soon, on February 20-21!

We'll make another announcement once the game client is available to download. You will be able to to install the game client on your computer prior to the Open Server Test, but remember, the servers won't be open until 12:01 AM EST on Friday, February 20th. The servers will close on Saturday, February 21st at 11:59 PM EST.

Hope to see you then!

(P.S. Here's a cool countdown. Enjoy!)