Welcome to Legends of Equestria, a free-to-play MMORPG, available to play right now in Open Access!

Our in-development game is full of adventures, magic, and small horses. You will be able to fly, dance, play with pets, and more with friends or by yourself. There's even a whole community of friends over at our forums!

We are an ongoing project! We are always looking for talented new volunteers to help us out. If you feel like you're ready, feel free to send us your application.

Currently Hiring:

2D Art

3D Modeling


-SFX Designers


-Level Designers

-VFX Artists

-Systems Designers


-Script Implementers

-Unity Implementers


Descriptions of the above jobs, and additional hiring information and recruitment status can be read here.

The following departments are currently not hiring: Animation, Concept Art, HR, Moderation, PR, Voice Acting, Web Dev, and Writing.

If you don't receive a response to your application within two weeks, please contact us on our support email.


Open Access Release Downloads Are Now Available!

Sep 08

Hey there, everypony!

The downloads for our Open Access Release are now available from our website's downloads page, so you can grab your copy of the game files,and you'll be ready for when the servers open tomorrow (September 10) at 00:01 EST!

Click here to download Legends of Equestria's Open Access Release!

Please note: some browsers might not trust our downloads, and label them as potentially dangerous. As long as you're only getting them from our downloads page, they should be safe to run, but be careful that you don't download files claiming to be LoE from anywhere else; we can't guarantee that they're safe! If you have trouble downloading the files, try searching for instructions on how to unblock downloads with your internet browser.

In addition, your operating system or antivirus software might also think LoE files are a risk. You may have to tell it to let the program run; again, try searching online for instructions on how to do this, depending on your operating system/security software!

Legends of Equestria is designed for Windows, MacOS, and Linux computers. To check if your computer will be able to run LoE, take a look at the details on our FAQ page!

We can't thank you all enough for following and supporting us on this journey so far, but remember, the Open Access Release is just the first step we'll be taking together! There's a lot more to come, so we hope you're all ready to explore Equestria together with us!

See you tomorrow!


Open Access Release: Last Details & Changelog!

Sep 08
Hey, everypony!

We're just a couple of days away from our Open Access Release starting! We hope you're all as excited as we are to explore Equestria together!

Before Sunday rolls around, though, we just want to go over a few things with you regarding the OAR, so that everypony starts off on the right hoof!

The first thing we want to reiterate is that this is not the final release of Legends of Equestria. Think of the Open Access Release as a 'beta' release of LoE; we'll still be working hard on the game for a long time to come, but we're confident that what we have so far is enough for everypony to enjoy now, rather than have you wait any longer!

For the Open Access Release, our servers will be opening at 00:01 EST, Sunday 10 September. That's the earliest you'll be able to access and play the game!

We will, however, make the game files available to download 24 hours in advance. At 00:01 EST, Saturday 9 September, you will be able to download Legends of Equestria from our website's downloads page, where there will be separate versions for Windows, MacOS, and Linux computers. For more information on our system requirements, check out our FAQ page!

Be aware that, like all server-based games, there may be some difficulty serving all the requests that come in the moment the game becomes available. We've worked hard to try and mitigate the effect of all those simultaneous requests, but we can't guarantee that there won't be problems for the first couple of hours or so. If you'd rather wait a little while before trying to play, you should be able to avoid those issues!

Of course, since this is an Open Access Release, we don't expect everything to be flawless. We know that no matter how hard we - or our Limited Access Release players! - have tried, there'll always be a few bugs that sneak by. Luckily, we have a bug reporting system especially designed so that you can let us know about any problems you run into! You can find all the details of how to use Phabricator to tell us all about them here!

So, what's changed between our last public event, and the Open Access Release? Well, we've prepared a little changelog to let you know! This doesn't cover everything - there's some more stuff that's more back-end, and also some details that we hope you'll find out yourself - but it includes a lot of the stuff you're most likely to notice. Check it out here !

You might also notice a few things missing from the list there that we have previously talked about; most notably, the Ancient Athamanes dungeon. This is something we really worked hard on getting ready for the Open Access Release, and we're making good progress on it; however, the damage caused by the July cyberattack to both the game itself and also our schedules, has meant that we won't be able to have that dungeon in a playable state by Sunday. We're still working on it, though, and we anticipate it being ready to implement within the coming days and weeks!

In fact, we're working on a lot more stuff to be added to the game after the Open Access Release kicks off, and a lot of it is pretty close to completion. Here's a little taster of what we anticipate adding over the first couple of months:

  • Ancient Athamanes dungeon

  • More manes, tails, and customisation options

  • New area: Applewood

  • New quest arc

  • Crafting system

  • More Talent Mark options

This is by no means the only stuff we're working on, just the things we hope to have ready soonest. It's super hard to tell when any individual thing will be ready, due to the nature of the project, but rest assured that we're working hard on these things - and so much more! We've been working on Legends of Equestria for five years already, and we don't anticipate stopping any time soon, so hopefully there'll always be something to look forward to!

Thanks for reading all of this, everypony! We hope you're all looking forward to Sunday as much as we are!


LoE Open Access Release Environment Highlights Trailer!

Sep 06
We've been working non-stop to make sure the world of Equestria is wide and wonderful for you on September 10, when our Open Access Release begins; and to highlight that work, we've made a new trailer to show off some of our major locations!

Remember, Legends of Equestria is still in development, so these locations are by no means final, or the only ones you'll be able to enjoy during our Open Access period (and beyond, of course)!

This trailer was made using some of our higher graphical settings; for an idea of how the game may look on lower settings, check out our previous trailer: https://youtu.be/h-smLjSnqxc


LoE Open Access Release Gameplay Trailer

Aug 30
With our Open Access Release starting September 10, we've created another trailer to highlight an important aspect of the game!

There'll be plenty to do and see in Equestria, but you won't be able to do it all alone! For some adventures, you'll need to work together with friends - the ones you already have, or the new ones you'll be able to make!

Please note, this trailer was produced using LoE's lower graphics settings. We want to ensure LoE is accessible to as many people as possible, even if they don't have access to high-end computer hardware. If you have the horsepower (pun intended) to run higher graphical quality settings, LoE might look pretty different; some better video settings were used for our previous trailer, here!


LoE Interview Round-up: TwoCredits Column and EquestriaAmino Livestream!

Aug 25
Hey again, everypony!

We're all hard at work getting everything ready for September 10, but while we're working we've managed to find the time to do a couple of interviews about Legends of Equestria!

The first one is actually a teenie bit old, but what with crunching on the game, and some... other events... it kinda just slipped through the cracks, so we're getting to it now!

Click below to watch a livestreamed interview with InvisiBrony of Equestria Amino; we cover a lot of detail in the hour or so of interview, so it's a good place to find out more from the people behind the project!


More recently, we did an interview with TwoCredits, a gaming news and review website; we discussed the development of the project, our vision for the game in the future, and the upcoming Open Access Release! You can read that here: http://twocredits.co/columns/interview-developers-legends-equestria/

That's everything for now! We've got a lot more work to do, and plenty planned to show you over the coming weeks, so you should definitely keep an eye out for more! We can't wait to explore Equestria with all of you in September!