Welcome to Legends of Equestria, a free-to-play MMORPG, available to play right now in Open Access!

Our in-development game is full of adventures, magic, and small horses. You will be able to fly, dance, play with pets, and more with friends or by yourself. There's even a whole community of friends over at our forums!

We are an ongoing project! We are always looking for talented new volunteers to help us out. If you feel like you're ready, feel free to send us your application.

Currently Hiring:

2D Art

3D Modeling


-SFX Designers


-Level Designers

-VFX Artists

-Systems Designers


-Script Implementers

-Unity Implementers


Descriptions of the above jobs, and additional hiring information and recruitment status can be read here.

The following departments are currently not hiring: Animation, Concept Art, HR, Moderation, PR, Voice Acting, Web Dev, and Writing.

If you don't receive a response to your application within two weeks, please contact us on our support email.


Legends of Equestria - Pre-Alpha Update [August 2012]

Aug 16


Writing Auditions: Congratulations to our new writers!

Jul 20
      Well, after weeks of hard work and suspense, I am proud to announce that the Legends of Equestria writing auditions have officially come to a close! The other finalists are, once again, very likely to be called upon to join the team at a later date, but at this time, I would like to officially welcome our four new writers to the Legends of Equestria staff! The staff gives  a warm welcome to:

  • Alextrazsa
  • Nonnavlis
  • Andrew Sean
  • Virtus Invicta

And again, thank you to all who participated. It has been a lot of work for those of us judging, but it's well worth it to see such talent be added to our ranks. So, remember to congratulate our newest team members, and stay posted for more exciting news and updates from Legends of Equestria!

Your faithful administrator,


The Road to Alpha!

Jul 18
As promised, the road to alpha is now published on the frontpage.