Welcome to Legends of Equestria, a free-to-play MMORPG, available to play right now in Open Access!

Our in-development game is full of adventures, magic, and small horses. You will be able to fly, dance, play with pets, and more with friends or by yourself. There's even a whole community of friends over at our forums!

We are an ongoing project! We are always looking for talented new volunteers to help us out. If you feel like you're ready, feel free to send us your application.

Currently Hiring:

2D Art:

-Texture & Concept Artists

3D Modeling


-SFX Designers


-Level Designers

-VFX Artists

-Systems Designers


-Script Implementers

-Unity Implementers


Descriptions of the above jobs, and additional hiring information and recruitment status can be read here.

The following departments are currently not hiring: Animation, HR, Moderation, PR, Voice Acting, Web Dev, and Writing.

If you don't receive a response to your application within two weeks, please contact us on our support email.


Writing Auditions Round Two Begin Now!

Jul 11
Thank you to all of our writers who applied to help make Legends of Equestria a reality!

We're moving into the second round of writing auditions right now, so make sure to check your inbox if you've applied. This also means that we won't be taking submissions for the writing team from any new applicants as of today, but the other departments listed in the hiring announcement are still seeking help, so be sure to let them know if you think you've got what it takes.

Congratulations to our finalists, and good luck in the second round!


We're extending our Open Server Weekend!

Jul 07
Our servers are now closed! Thanks for playing, everyone!

Exciting news everyone! We have decided to extend the stress test a day further!

The ending time of the test is now Monday at 11:59 pm PDT.

We would also like to announce that your account will be manually activated within a couple of hours of registering on the site. This should activate your game account as well.

Since our emails cannot be received at a reliable rate due to the email restrictions, we request that you try the servers a few hours after registration, even without receiving a confirmation email.

Thank you all for sticking with us during these complications.


Getting the game, fun stuff to do, and commands!

Jul 06

Hey everypony! Are you excited to play the game? I sure am! Here are a few quick things to know before you get started.

The game will be available to play after our panel at Everfree Northwest (Friday, 6:30 PM PST).

There are three ways to get the game.
Download the file from these links:
  • Windows
  • OSX
  • Linux
  • If you happen to be at Everfree Northwest, you can ask any of the Legends of Equestria representatives to copy the game from their flash drives to your computer while you're at the convention.
Our servers are now closed! Thanks to everyone who participated!

In order to play the game please register on our forums, because your forum account is your game account!
You may also want to take a look at our system requirements.

Once you have your forum account and computer ready to go, log in with your forum username and password. Once logged in you'll be able to create a pony and explore the magical realm of Equestria!

Here are some things you can do in our game!
  • Customize your pony with our new mare and stallion models, new hair styles, and eyelashes
  • Buttercup and Bluebell the Wearable Items mares are ready to get you all dressed up!
  • Explore Ponyville
  • Explore Sweet Apple Acres
  • Explore the inside of Golden Oaks Library, Sugarcube Corner, and Carousel Boutique
  • Explore the Everfree Forest and go face to face with the Timberwolves! Look out for Zecora's Hut and the Moon Castle Ruins!
  • Visit majestic Canterlot! Have you talked to Astral Charm lately? I hear she's looking for you!
  • Dance your heart out!
  • Earth Ponies can do the "Ground Pound" attack
  • Unicorns can do the "Firebolt" attack and teleport
  • Pegasi can do a barrel roll in mid-air by pressing Q or E and a loop-de-loop by pressing R

Here's a helpful list of commands!

/listfriendsLists all your friends./logoutLogs out of the game.
/playersLists all the players in the room./helpLists all the commands.
/report <player name>Lets you report a player to the moderators. You can also click on a pony to report them./playervisible <true/false>Toggles your player invisible for you only, everyone else can still see you.
/cinemacamera <true/false>Your player will disappear and the camera turns into a camera-fly mode./time <##>Sets the game time. 0-24.
/standMakes your pony stand./sitMakes your pony sit.
/danceMakes your pony dance./unwearallRemoves all items from your pony.
/facehoofMakes your pony facehoof./inventoryOpens your inventory.

  • Esc opens up the main menu
  • W, A, S, D to run
  • Shift + W, A, S, D to walk
  • Double tap W to sprint or fly faster
  • Double tap Spacebar to fly
    • Q, E to do a barrel roll
    • R to do a loop-de-loop
  • Arrow keys or holding down and dragging middle mouse button moves the camera
  • Scroll wheel zooms in and out

Visit Maplesweet in Ponyville to get the elusive Dandelion Bracelet!

Do the "High Time for Pie Time" quest from Geizhufe in Canterlot to get the fancy pie tin hat!


3D, 2D, Concept Art, Writing, Design, and Programming departments recruiting!

Jul 02

Greetings, everypony! While I was wandering around behind the scenes, I noticed that Legends of Equestria needs more team members to make this game the best that it can be. After all, it takes a large team to work on a project as grand as Legends of Equestria! If your skills fit what we're looking for, go ahead and send us an application. When you apply, we will need to see examples of what you can do, so don't be afraid to show off your talent!

We're looking for talented individuals with skills in these areas:

3D Modelers and Animators - 3D team
To apply for the 3D team, please email [email protected] with links to examples of your skills. Any additional unrelated, high quality designs you have done helps too. Applicants must have working knowledge of 3D modeling and/or animating and be willing to learn, design critically, and give and take critique. It is preferred that applicants have a specialty in organic modeling, 3D animation and rigging, terraforming, or any combination thereof. Please include how much time you are able to devote to Legends of Equestria, as well as a list of programs that you use.

Texture Artists - 2D team
To apply for the 2D team, please email [email protected] and [email protected] with a link to an online portfolio containing examples of your skills. The 2D team leads would like to see plenty of examples of environmental art or textured 3D art, rather than 2D character work or fan art. Applicants must understand the basics of color theory, be able to mimic the art style of the environments and buildings in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, and be able to create vector graphics. Please state how much time you are able to devote to Legends of Equestria, and remember that you will be expected to complete at least one texture per week. Access to programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, or Flash is not necessary but would be very beneficial.

Concept Artists
To apply for the concept art team, please email [email protected] with a link to an online portfolio containing examples of your drawing skill. Although the team is looking for individuals who are comfortable with drawing characters, creatures, and architecture in the style of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, we would like for your portfolio to contain something other than My Little Pony fanart. Your email should also include your Skype username, the amount of time you are able to devote to the project, and your strengths and weaknesses that are relevant to the position. Please keep in mind that the concept art team is hiring on a rolling basis, so you can apply at any time.

Applicants for the writing department must submit one or more examples of their writing to [email protected]. Creative prose is preferred, but not completely necessary.
All applications must be submitted via email with a link to a Google Doc in the application. Your name must also be included. Any applicants who are copying from an outside source such as Microsoft Word must paste the text directly into Google Docs rather than uploading a file. They must also be visible to the parties which will judge entries. Submissions which require a download or do not have proper permissions will be ignored. Examples must be at least one page in length and cannot have been edited by any outside party. Experience is not necessary, but any applicants capable of listing qualifications should do so. After applicants have been reviewed, the most favorable will receive a prompt, at which point they will have one week to submit a story that falls within the guidelines of this prompt. After these have been judged, the new writers will be announced.

To apply for the design team, please email [email protected] with examples of design materials, as well as how much time you are able to devote to the project. Prefered examples are design documents which focus on gameplay mechanics, systems, and the equations and numbers which make those systems tick. Potential design team members should be able to contribute to discussions about ability trees, as well as independently write complex design documents which focus on attribute balance and gameplay integration. Potential design team members with large scale map layout abilities will also be considered.

Potential programmers should be proficient in C# and the use of code to design working mechanics applicable to a 3D MMO environment. Experience and integration in Unity 3D is extremely helpful. To apply please send relevant examples of creative code design and a list of software you use/know to [email protected].

Only the applicants that the respective team leader is interested in will receive response emails.


New stuff in Legends of Equestria!

Jun 28
Jiggly Hair!

Unicorn and Earth Pony Attacks!

New animations!

Timberwolf Mobs!

Majestic Canterlot!

Intensive Carrot Unit Quest!